TOPGREENER TU21548AC 4.8A Type-C USB Charger Outlet Ultra High Speed Charging 15A 24W Tamper Resistant Receptacle Free 3.3 Ft USB-C Cable

Product Features

  • World's First Smart Ultra-High Speed Type-A & Type-C USB Charger In-wall at 4.8 Amp, 24W, 5VDC
  • World's first USB charger with a type-C and a type-A USB charger port, charging any two devices same time at high speed, catching tech trend -the new reversible USB standard
  • Two TR Tamper-Resistant Outlets enhance electrical safety, preventing the attempting to insert objects into the outlet; Meets 2011 NEC
  • 3 Interchangeable face covers (white, black, light almond) included to match any wall color
  • Replaces in wall outlet, utilizing current junction box and wire. Type A/2.4 Amp,type C/3.0 Amp, 5VDC; Receptacle/15 Amp;UL Pending
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Product Description

Now enjoy the World’s FIRST ultra-high speed Dual USB charger receptacle at 4.8 Amp/24W with both Type-A and Type-C USB charging port combined in one charger! TOPGREENER TU21548AC (15A) / TU22048AC(20A) features the combination of type-C and type-A in one unit, making USB cable pluging in easier than ever without any chance to do wrong. Together with other Type-C Chargers and Type-C Cables, TU21548AC and TU22048A represent the future USB charging hub standard with the USB C charging port allowing to plug in the USB cable from either side. The time of USB plugin confusion are forever gone with the revolutionary type-C and type-A USB charging hub. Catching the new tech trend, same time still able to charge Type-A devices, you will never regret to replace standard duplex receptacle with TOPGREENER Type-C/Type-A 4.8A USB Charger Outlet. No matter what kind of devices, USB connectors including Type-C, Type-A, USB1.1, USB 2.0, USB 3.0 and Apple products, you can always find a USB charging port on TOPGREENER 4.8A super fast charging type-C / type-A dual USB charger outlet and enjoy ultra high speed charging without adapters. Both USB ports are supported by “SMART” core chip that can read the need of devices and charge at the maximum charging efficiency. TU21548AC has two 15 Amp tamper resistant receptacles, TU22048AC’s two TR receptacles are both 20 Amp. Both USB charger receptacles feature child-safe power charging, ideal for home, offices, schools, hotels, airport and other public areas. The high speed dual usb charger/tamper-resistant receptacle is compatible with various USB devices, cell phones, iphone, samsung, ipad, and tablets. Utilizing current wires in the junction box, it is so simple to replace the standard wall receptacle with Topgreener TU21548AC or TU22048AC USB receptacle hub. Both units include three TOPGREENER unique interchangeable face covers in white, black and light almond.

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