TOPGREENER TU21548A 4.8A Ultra High Speed Smart USB Charger Outlet, 24W 15A Tamper Resistant Receptacle/ 3 Interchangeable Face Covers

Product Features

  • Upgraded High Speed Charging Tech: World's First Smart Ultra-High Speed Dual USB Charging In Wall at 4.8 Amp, 24W, 5VDC
  • Charging-Smart Technology: Dual "Smart" USB Ports Precisely "Read" the Power Need then Maximize Charging Efficiency
  • Design Innovation: Interchangeable Face Cover. 3 Color Face Cover Included: White, Black, Light Almond
  • Two TR Tamper-Resistant Outlets enhance electrical safety, preventing the attempting to insert objects into the outlet; Meets 2011 NEC
  • Compatibility USB 1.1/2.0/3.0 devices, 2 USB ports total 4.8 Amp, 5VDC; Two TR Receptacles 15 Amp/125VAC; UL lsted; 2 years warranty; Back & side wiring easy installation. Wall plate not included
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Product Description

Your faster charging Ideas for home decor, improvement and mobile devices are here! No-wire-clusters-messy-wire solution empowered by Charging-Smart Technology! Enjoy the industrial’s FIRST in wall ultra-high speed Smart and Fast Dual USB charging at 4.8 Amp 24W and Charge your smartphones, iPad and tablets Faster and Smart! No need of drilling holes and rewiring in wall! Just replace a standard duplex receptacle with the innovated in wall USB charger outlet TOPGREENER TU21548A-W Dual USB Charger Receptacle. Ultra-fast charging compatible devices include but not limited to: iPad, iPad Pro, iPad Mini, Tablets, Mobile phones, Blackberry, Android Phones, Windows HTC, Kindle, Nook e-reader, iPhone, iPod, GPS, Galaxy Tab, Bluetooth Headset, speaker, Cameras, and other USB 1.1/2.0/3.0 devices. It charges two mobile devices simultaneously without sacrificing speed nor two outlets for other appliances and without expensive adapters at a maximum power needed and allowed by your devices. Charging-Smart technology maximizes charging efficiency. 4.8A capacity for two USB ports doesn’t mean 2.4A each as other USB chargers. TU21548A-W SMART USB charger outlet “reads” the power need of each connected USB devices and maximize the charging efficiency accordingly! So why not install to Kitchen island, counter top, all bedroom night stands, living room, or even at patio, wall! Don’t worry about the color match, as TU21548A-W includes 3 color Interchangeable Receptacle face covers (white, black and light almond) that match any walls and rooms for home and commercial areas including offices, cafeteria, restaurants, meeting rooms, airport lounges, hotels, schools, libraries, workstations! No need adapters, extension cord plug outlet, 4-port USB wall chargers! Enjoy the convenience of fast charging anywhere at any corner in your home with just USB cable and TU21548A-W Ultra-High Speed Smart Dual USB Charger Receptacle. Tamper Resistant outlets 15Amp/125VAC;USB 1.1/2.0/3.0 devices

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