TOPGREENER TU12048A 4.8A Ultra High Speed Dual USB Charger Outlet/ 2 TR Receptacle/ Interchangeable USB Module,White

Product Features

  • Worlds's First Smart Ultra-High Speed Dual USB Charging at 4.8 Amp, 24W, 5DVC For the Fastest Charge Possible
  • Stand-Alone Click-On Interchangeable Usb Charger Module Eases The Color Change And Outlet Replacement Without Uninstallation-Time And Money Saver
  • Charging-Smart Technology Enables The Two Usb Ports To "Read" The Exact Power Need And Then Charge Devices At Their Maximum Speed
  • Tamper-Resistant Tr Receptacle - Safe Choices For Home, Hotel, Airport And Other Commercial Areas
  • 2 Usb Ports Total 4.8 Amp, Tr Receptacle 20 Amp/125Vac; Ul Listed; 2 Years Warranty; Back & Side Wiring Easy Installation
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Product Description

TU12048A 4.8A Ultra High Speed USB Charger Outlet with USB Charger Module interchangeable eases the replacement for color or repair! No un-installation needed! Ideal for home, offices, kitchens, bedrooms, restaurants, cafeterias, meeting rooms, airport lounges, labs, salons, schools, libraries, hotels and coffee shops. Instead of replacing the whole receptacle, you are now able to just replace the face plate and USB module cutting out the expensive parts and labor costs from an electrician by having to replace the whole receptacle! No more bulky chargers are needed in your businesses! The industry’s FIRST ULTRA-HIGH speed Smart and Fast Dual USB Charging at 4.8 Amp and 24W to charge your iPhone, iPad mini, iPod, Tablets, iPad, GPS, Blackberry, Android Phones, Bluetooth Headsets, Windows Phone HTC, Digital Cameras, Kindle, Nook e-reader, and any other USB compatible products Faster and Smarter than ever possible before! No need to drill new or bigger holes in the wall or floor, just replace your old standard duplex receptacle with the all new USB charger outlet TOPGREENER TU12048A Dual USB Charger Interchangeable Module Receptacle. Charges two mobile devices simultaneously without sacrificing speed or the extra outlet for other uses such as lights, fans, or even a charger for your laptop while giving the maximum power needed by your devices. Charging-Smart technology maximizes charging efficiency up to 2.4Amp per USB port at the same time! TU12048A SMART USB charger outlet reads the power needed of each connected USB device and maximizes the charging efficiency accordingly! No hassle in replacing the receptacle every couple of months from high volume users, misuse and abuse with the CLICK-ON interchangeable USB outlet module. TOPGREENER TU12048A Ultra-High Speed Smart Dual USB Charger Receptacle with the Interchangeable USB Module and face plate. TU12048A Click-ON USB Module Parts sold separately.

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