Myfox Premium Pack (Wi-Fi, Wireless Smart Home Security System with 4 Sensors and 4 Key Fobs & HD Video Security Camera, iOS & Android)

Product Features

  • Best-in-class security: combine the only smart home alarm that prevents potential break-ins before they happen, with the only camera that protects your privacy. Includes 1 alarm, 1 central hub, 4 IntelliTAG smart sensors, 4 key fobs and 1 HD camera.
  • Detection BEFORE intrusion: patented IntelliTAG smart sensor analyzing vibrations on doors & windows, and 110dB siren.
  • Protection of your privacy with the privacy shutter of the Myfox Security Camera. You can control it from your smartphone (iOS & Android).
  • Superior HD image quality with night vision, wide angle of 130 degree viewing, and up to 4x zoom.
  • Battery backup for each component and tamper protection for the alarm system.
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Product Description

The Myfox Premium Pack is the best-in-class smart home security system. It includes a Myfox Home Alarm, a proactive alarm that detects break-ins BEFORE they happen, and a Myfox Security Camera, which protects your home and privacy. In addition, the Myfox Premium Pack comes with a total of 4 patented anti-intrusion IntelliTAG smart sensors and 4 key fobs, so that you can feel comfortable at home knowing that your house and your family are protected. The Myfox alarm system relies on door and window vibration analysis. It makes the difference between normal events (a knock at the door or a ball bouncing) and a potential threat (drilling or hammering). as a result, the IntelliTAG door and window smart sensor is capable of analyzing vibrations and triggering a 110dB siren before un-wanted entry. The Myfox camera features a remotely controllable shutter, making it the only home security camera that also protects privacy. Moreover, it is a true security system, thanks to its PIR motion sensor, high quality night vision and 1 hour battery backup with internal storage and recording. The whole package takes minutes to install through easy-to-follow instructions! Download the app on your smartphone (iOS & Android) and follow the steps on the screen, and if you have any questions, our customer service team is here to help. Myfox also allows you to invite your friends, family or neighbors to watch over your home by joining your trusted network. We call it Myfox community. It is fully customizable and brings peace of mind when you are away.

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