Lutron CAR-15-DFDU-IV Claro Receptical For Dimming 15A Gloss Color Dim Receptacle Ivory

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  • Finish: Ivory Type: Gloss
  • Wall Plate Not included
  • Image displayed is not the correct finish
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Product Description

Lutron CAR-15-DFDU Claro Receptacle fo Dimming Duplex for Dimming both Connected Loads Projecting Nubs Prevent Standard Plugs from Being used Requires Replacement Plugs for Dimming use Important Notes: If the Hot and Dimmed Hot Feeds to the Split Duplex HFDU are Supplied from Different Circuits or Splitwired, with Separate Switch-Legs, a means to Simultaneously Disconnect these Circuits must be Provided at the Panel Board where they Originate (NEC 210.7(C) 2002 Edition). A 2-pole Circuit Breaker or Two Single-pole Circuit Breakers with an Approved Handle Tie can be used to Accomplish this Simultaneous Disconnect. Feed-through Dimming Panels, which are those without Breakers, are Recommended when using the HFDU Receptacles and Plug for Dimming Use are UL Listed for use with all Lutron Wallbox Dimmers Included in this Catalog. If there is only One Electrical feed to the Receptacle, then the Duplex DFDU must be used For Detailed Information, See Application Notes #91 (Guide to Dimming Table Lamps) and #109 Wall Plate Not included Finish: Ivory Type: Gloss Dimming

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