Leviton EMS3 Automation System with CFL/LED Lighting and ZigBee Energy Management Controls

Product Features

  • Automate your entire property; this package includes the automation controller, a thermostat, and four smart light switches to get you started
  • Remote access from tablets, smartphones and e-readers with zero monthly fees and no service contracts
  • Z-Wave and ZigBee capable - integrate hundreds of connected devices for total control
  • With temperature and lighting control, save energy, improve security, and add convenience
  • Incorporate Leviton safety, energy, and entertainment devices and automate based upon schedule or event
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Product Description

Leviton EMS3 Home Control Bundle

The Leviton EMS3 home control bundle provides the interface and components needed to have total control of a user’s entire home temperature and lighting system. Users can interact with the Leviton EMS home controller manually through an easy to use keypad or remotely through smart and app enabled devices with no contracts or monthly service fees.

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Easy connectivity to communication protocols like Z-wave, Zigbee, and many others. view larger

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Control Your Smart Home

Included in this bundle is the central home automation controller, one wireless thermostat, a wireless module to control your thermostat from anywhere in the home, 4 dimming switches to control CFL or LED loads, a power line interface to add new outlets without additional wires, a phase coupler to boost the signal throughout your home, and software to control your home automation system from your PC.

The Leviton EMS3 home control bundle is a powerful tool for reducing energy consumption. A user’s home lights and climate can be set to operate automatically based on the schedule that is set or by certain activities, an example of which being a door or window opening. Users can control devices individually or save their favorite settings across many devices to one of dozens of preset functions. The Leviton EMS3 controller is a UL listed energy management system.

Expandable Control

Leviton’s professional-grade home automation system was designed to provide advanced control of your home’s lighting and temperature, as well as, the ability to expand functionality to include other home automation systems and devices. If you are looking for even more control, the EMS3 module has the capacity to include Bluetooth music sharing, programmable thermostats, video surveillance monitoring, wireless door locks, speakers, and many other home automation products. When automating the activity of the biggest energy consumption devices like water heaters, pool pumps, irrigation units, or fans users can achieve energy managements and cost savings.

The Leviton EMS 3 controller can expand to control up to 64 lights, 4 thermostats, 4 access readers, 8 audio zones, 64 wireless security sensors, and 5 connectivity partner products. The full list of compatible formats includes: including Z-Wave, ZigBee, UPB, X10, DALI, KNX, TCP/IP, RS-232/485, and more. Additionally, Leviton systems can control third-party proprietary systems including Lutron RadioRA and RadioRA2, Clipsal, Dynalite, Centralite, Coolmaster, Russound, NuVo, and many others.


Installation and setup instructions are available with each Leviton home automation device, and additional scheduling information can be found through an included PC-based software program. Furthermore, Leviton services all clients with an award-winning technical support department, and a large network of qualified installation experts.

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Leviton EMS3 home control bundle includes:

  • 1 Leviton energy management automation controller
  • 1 wireless RC-1000WHZB ZigBee thermostat in white
  • 4 dimming switches to control CFL or LED loads
  • 1 Powerline Interface Module to enable new light switch installation with no new wires
  • 1 Signal booster
  • 1 setup download to enable users to control their home system from a PC

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