Enerlites 6200048 24W 4.8A Ultra High-Speed 4-Port Smart USB Charger In-Wall Outlet , Two Wall Plates Included, White

Product Features

  • Maximize charging efficiency with the all new 24W 4.8A smart charging USB outlet hub
  • Charge up to four devices at the same time without adapters, including iPhone, iPad, iPod, Kindle, smartphone, tablet, e-reader, and any other USB powered devices
  • Smart charging technology enables the unit to detect power need of all 4 devices precisely then to charge them by deliveing maximum power capacity. No over-over charge risk!
  • Replace any standard electrical outlet to enable the multi-port charging you and your family need
  • UL-Listed; back and side wired for easy installation. Wire terminals accept #14-#12 AWG; TWO FREE WALL PLATES
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Product Description

Upgrade any outlet in your home into an ultra high-speed USB charging station with the Enerlites 6200048 4-Port USB In-Wall Charger! With four USB ports, no one will ever have to take turn charging their devices ever again. At a total combined power of 4.8 amps, 5VDC, the USBs provide an even faster charging experience. Simultaneously charge your devices at the same time, including the iPad, iPhone, Kindle, iPods, iPad Air, iPad Pro, smartphones, tablets, backup battery, camera, and any other USB powered device. Even charge a tablet and smartphone at the same time without losing quality! The four USB ports are embedded with a smart chip that precisely “read” the need of the connected device to deliver optimum power for an efficient charge. No longer worry about lost or cramped charging adapters that are an eyesore to look at. No more bulky adapters to try and fit behind furniture. With just a charging cable, you can now charge your devices at ultra high-speed without an adapter and give your space a clean, polished look! The 6200048 4-Port USB In-Wall Charger protects from over-charging, short circuit, and amperage spikes to safely charge your phones, tablets, and devices everytime. Compatible with USB 1.1/2.0/3.0, including Apple devices. Install the 6200048 4-Port Smart In-Wall USB Charger as you would a standard duplex outlet without requiring any extra installation steps. Comes with two different wall plate styles to match decor. Choose between a snap-on, screwless decorator style and a traditional decorator wall plate. Create a perfect charge station in a home, office, conference room, meeting room, hotel, school, library, workstation, restaurant and virtually anywhere else . Experience smart living tech with the Enerlites 6200048 4-Port Smart USB In-Wall Charger with 4.8A Total USB Ports.

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