AISITIN Wireless Home Security PIR MP Alert Infrared Sensor Anti-theft Motion Detector Alarm System With 2 Remote Controller

Product Features

  • This pir alarm is a independent alarm systems, with the wireless remote control and power supply alarm system
  • Multi-angle adjustable,keep wide range detection
  • The alarm uses a dedicated infrared sensor chip, PIR dual pyroelectric infrared sensor, Fresnel lens and advanced digital remote sensing technology, micro-power ASIC and automatic temperature compensation technology, with microprocessor decoding control Advanced integrated design technology. Through the detection of human radiation infrared heat and start the probe site sound alarm, in time to prevent theft
  • Suitable for car, home, shopping malls, offices, courtyards and along the street stores and other places ideal anti-theft facilities. Is a modern family, shops, enterprises and institutions, travel to stay in the hotel must have anti-theft products.
  • Remote multi-channel wireless remote control, the original two remote control, with the same principle of the TV remote control.。
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Product Description

Installation Guide:
1, the probe should be avoided straight to the door window, so as not to false positives
2, should adjust the tilt angle of the detector, so that the detection distance farthest
3, the probe of the Feenier lens should be kept clean, can not have to block objects
4, the probe should be away from cold and heat sources, such as air conditioning outlet, heating, air-conditioning and so on
5, boot about 10 seconds into the alert state, detected someone alarm 30 to 40 seconds
6, the battery cover open, in accordance with the internal identification of the battery box will be 4 5 batteries into
7, the installation should avoid the use of sunshine, car light direct probe, to be considered curtains flutter caused by false alarm
8, installed in the corner or wall, the proposed installation height of 2 meters from the ground position, adjust the angle of view to prevent small animals false positives
9, the remote control infrared fixed in the universal seat, turn the infrared alarm, to meet the installation requirements and detection needs
Technical characteristics:
105 dB loudness
110 degree wide angle
Exit and entry time delay
Adjustable wall mounting bracket
The motion detector power by 4 AA batteries (not included)
The remote controller power by 3 AG13 batteries (included)
Package included:
1 X Wireless alarm detector (batteries not including)
2 x Remote Control
1 x Wall mounting

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